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Moving is fun! AND it keeps our bodies and minds alert. Dance training teaches focus, concentration, pattern recognition, education of the physical; builds strength, coordination and control.
A professional dancer/teacher
enriches your experience...

* for the student

(teaches about space/time/energy

concepts; allows physical expression

of ideas and feelings)

* for the teacher

(see your students in a different light;

shows use of movement and curriculum; teaches about dance, requires cooperation and imagination)


Dancers make your

school come alive!

What I provide

I love to dance and share dance. I'll teach your kids different ways of moving their bodies; how to look at and analyse movement in space, time, and energy; how to create short dances; and give them a vocabulary to discuss dance. I have a strong commitment to dance education, and welcome any opportunity to share my art with young audiences - performing, teaching, directing and choreographing.

A residency in dance and creative movement would, of course, be an excellent addition to any Physical Education program, and I can provide a printed curriculum guide and Teacher In-Service training so that you can incorporate dance into your yearly program. I also enjoy working with curriculum subjects as lesson themes. Science, language arts, math, geography, and history can also be used as subjects and/or content for dances, enhancing understanding of those areas as well as providing ideas for making dances.

What you provide/How much will this cost?

You will provide objectives for the residency, housing, mileage or travel expenses, plus $250/day for each day I work with your students or $1000 for a 5 day week. I am on Artist in Residence rosters for several states; schools or communities can request matching monies from those agencies for choreographic residencies. Call me for information on those programs in Iowa.

Residency Topics Include

Choreography Residency


Bring a professional flare to your students or production!  Professional dancers will be in residence to create and set dances for your students.  They can help your students develop their own authentic movement, or teach them a dance.  While rehearsing, taking class and working closely with professionals, your students will gain experience with the process, product and discipline of dance as an art form.  Choreography can also be requested for a specific musical theater production!

Teaching Residency


Get them moving!  Get them thinking!  Our teaching residency places an emphasis on modern dance and movement as a creative outlet, physical education and exercise.  Each day our company will lead students in modern dance classes, discussions on dance as an art form, movement improvisation and composition.  Your students will be on their feet problem solving and participating through all different elements of dance including shape, space, time, rhythm, and sources of movement inspiration.  A show-and-tell can also be arranged for the end of the residency.  It’s the perfect way to enhance your curriculum!

Curriculum Development


Interested in developing your own creative movement unit?  Let our dancers assist your school or system of schools in creating a curriculum in movement and dance, and training teachers to continue that curriculum.  Company members will teach students, then assist local teachers as they learn the lesson plans and then observe and assist the teachers as they teach lessons.  The school will be given a printed Curriculum Guide which includes lesson plans, ideas, and music.  Your curriculum can include creative movement, modern dance, social dance, folk dance, or a combination!



Workshop Topics


Movement and Curriculum

Dance as a profession

Teacher In-Service

Question/Answer Session

Composition and Design

History of Dance in America

Creative Writing and Dance

Renaissance Period and Dances

Arts Administration

Dance as a Business


Producing a Concert

Lighting for Dance

Stage Movement

Physics of Dance


Non-Performing Jobs in Dance and Theater

Dance Reviewing

Costume Design and Construction


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