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Dance Heart to Heart!

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Learn Argentine Tango in Ames

Sundays, 4-7pm

2229 Lincoln Way, room 3512


Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a rich and complex improvisational dance, considered to be the most challenging and fulfilling of all the partnered dances. The study of Argentine Tango can improve your balance, focus, sensitivity, and particularly your ability to work with and respond spontaneously to a partner.  One of the delights of Argentine Tango is that you can travel almost anywhere in the world and dance.  Tango is a very social dance and at most milongas, someone will ask you to dance. Here in our small community, everyone will ask you to dance.
AND, Tango is a fun way to meet and get to know people. Ames hosts regular tango salons and milongas and is fortunate to enjoy the excellent teaching of Valerie Williams. Tango lessons and dancing are available on most Sundays at the Memorial Union (room 3512).  Check the Iowa Tango Calendar for more information about tango in Iowa.
Tango has been showcased and celebrated on the stage and screen for decades. You may be surprised at how the real experience of dancing the tango socially differs from what you've seen in performance.  It is exhilerating!


Let's dance!

For more information email or call the Workspace at 515-294-0970

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