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Musical Theater

with Valerie Williams


In constant consultation with the other directors and designers, I create dances that are designed to further the story, music and lyrics, make the dancers look good and keep the audience interested. I also believe that I need to create dances that satisfy the muse. I then teach those dances to the players and change what doesn't work for the individuals who are dancing. I believe that sucessful theater is a collaborative effort and we all should look toward making the final production an event that takes us somewhere out of our everyday lives - performers and audience alike. I make dances and stage music for musical theater productions produced by schools, community theaters, professional theaters and opera companies as well as commercial and industrial videos.


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Call Me!

I can make your musical

not only sing, but DANCE!

Doing a musical?


West Side Story!


Music Man!

The Boyfriend!

Pirates of Penzance!

Lil Abner!



Need help with the dances?


Fiddler on the Roof!


Singing in the Rain!


Hello Dolly!


Dames at Sea!

Bye Bye Birdie!

The Wiz!


No No Nanette!


Anything Goes!

Bells Are Ringing!


State Fair!

A professional choreographer adds dimension:


  * to the show

(the dances should further the story, be part of the overall design, and show the characters)

     * to the audience
(entertain, and stimulate their eyes)

     * to the performers
(make them look good, be consistent with their characters, keep them interested and growing)

     * to the muse
(design the dances with integrity and an eye toward good design)

What should you expect?

A choreographer with wide experience in dance and a good knowledge music, of your specific musical, of theater in general, and an ability to help your performers build their characters. When I leave, you will have dances that excite your audience, make your dancers look impressive, further the story, and your performers will have added to their own vocabulary and experience.

How much will this cost?

You will provide a score for the production (if I don’t already own one), housing (hotel, or, I enjoy staying in community homes when doing a residency), mileage or travel expenses, plus $250/day for each day I work with your performers. I am on Artist in Residence rosters for several states; schools or communities can request matching monies from those agencies for choreographic residencies. Call me for information on those programs in Iowa.

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